The Outdoor Plus – A Luxury Mix between Fire and Water!

The Outdoor Plus – A Luxury Mix between Fire and Water!

The importance of having living areas outside cannot be overstated. There are a lot of houses out there that come with wonderful gardens and spaces, but such areas aren't considered living spaces unless they can really be inhabited. A lot of people put a lot of effort into making the inside of their homes seem nice but often overlook the significance of having comfortable living areas outside. 

In an ideal world, a well-maintained outside space will provide more useable space for your house. You don't have to limit yourself to the space within your home; you may make use of your whole property to expand the amount of area you have available for living. It is easier to personalize outdoor areas than it is indoor ones since you have greater control over what functions they perform.

To make your outdoor space one of a kind that represents luxury combined with warmth, the Outdoor Plus is the solution to your exuberant outdoor area needs. Let's dive deep into what this US-based brand has to offer to its intelligent customer base. 

The Outdoor Plus Combines Fire and Water 

Well, it almost seems impossible to translate the visual of fire and water coexisting in a small space, but outdoor plus has definitely ticked the boxes of being experimental and luxurious. Bringing this aesthetically pleasing visual to your backyard is what the brand has mastered. This seemingly exotic option of fire and water, which you might have seen in premium resorts, is now easily accessible to you. 

They have engineered fire bowls and fireplaces by mixing the two earth elements that are not known to be together to bring an elevated feel to your house. We are emphasizing water and fire coming together because it can add extravagance to your outdoor area leading to a more thought-out interior of your house altogether. 

These fire bowls and other products combining the two elements are a marvel to look at. You can almost get lost in the beauty and formation of each when stared at in a leisurely time. 

Types of Fire Bowls at Outdoor Plus

fire and water bowl

Here are the most popular fire bowls the outdoor plus has to offer. You can decide on which one to get for your backyard based on this section: 

1.     Sedona Fire Bowl 

This overall limestone concrete-based fire bowl is a magnificent sight for sore eyes. If you are going for a polished whiter look, then this one will surely fulfill your visual needs. The lava rocks work their charm, and you get a sizzling fire every time. 


  • Available in 27 and 33-inch bowl 
  • A 27-inch bowl has a BTU of 45K, and a 33-inch bowl has a BTU of 65K
  • Has a whistle-free hose
  • Contains lava rock 
  • 10" and 11" height according to the size
  • 12" and 18" base according to the size


2.      Maya Fire & Water Bowl 

This one has a natural grey color, making it look much more pleasing at night. This water and fire bowl is a must-have as you will get the fire in the middle and water out of the side in a waterfall formation.



  • Available in 24, 30, and 36-inch bowl 
  • 24 and the 30-inch bowl has a BTU of 45K, and the 36-inch bowl has a BTU of 65K
  • Has a whistle-free hose 
  • 5", 10 ¼" and 12" height according to the size
  • 13" and 20" base according to the size
  • Has a GPM (Gallons per minute) of 7-10 for the water spill.


3.      Avalon Fire & Water Bowl 

You guessed it, this Avalon fire and water bowl is for a more luxurious look and feel with its squared look. Its perfect limestone will bring the place together, and you can never really go wrong with the shade. The fire's color and water transparency will bring out the bowl even more. 


  • Available in 24, 30, and 36-inch bowl 
  • 24" bowl has a BTU of 45K, while 30" and 36" bowls have a BTU of 65K
  • Has a whistle-free hose 
  • 10" and 12" height according to the size
  • 13", 18", and 20" base according to the size
  • Has a GPM (Gallons per minute) of 7-10 for the water spill. 


4.      Cazo Fire & Water Bowl – 360 Degree Spill

If you want something almost futuristic, you should go for this copper fire and water bowl. It has a 360-degree water spill, making it look like the fire is floating on water. This can be perfect as a centerpiece for your outdoor area. 


  • Available in 30" and 36" inch bowl 
  • Has a height of 13" and 13.5"
  • Has a 16", and 20" base 
  • 1 ½ water inlet 
  • Has a GPM of 15 for the water spill 
  • Has a BTU of 45K 


These were just some of the options the outdoor plus offers. You can find a wide variety according to your needs here. 

Types of Fireplaces and Grills at Outdoor Plus

the fire lodge

Here are some of the fireplaces the outdoor plus mastered. 

1.      The Fire Lodge – The Williams Fireplace

The Williams Fireplace is not only constructed from high-quality materials but also boasts a sophisticated design in terms of its form and ventilation system. Stability is provided by both the exterior and the steel structure, even under extreme weather conditions.


  • Framing Made of Weather-Resistant and Durable Steel
  • Stone, brick, marble, and other inflammable materials may be added without difficulty.
  • Has an electronic ignition 


2.      Florence Fire Pit 

This circular metal fire pit is perfect for a chilly night. You can just light it up and get the warmth you need and can also put up your feet on the wider area to maximize the heat you get. This is available in multiple colors, including java and black. 


  • Available in multiple ignition types
  • Available in a 42" fire pit
  • Has electronic ignition 
  • Houses a propane tank 


3.      Regal Fire Pit 

The Regal's lengthier than average stature is one of the features that contribute to its allure. This fire pit was made in the United States of America and can withstand a wide range of conditions without showing signs of wear. You have a broad choice of color options, and you may select one that best suits your taste.


  • Available in 48, 54, and 60-inch bowl 
  • 48" bowl has a BTU of 45K, while 54" and 60" bowls have a BTU of 65K
  • Has a height of 13" 
  • Available in 18 different colors


These were just some of the options the outdoor plus offers. You can find a wide variety according to your needs here. 


Other Premium Products at Outdoor Plus

1.      The Planters 

They have a wide variety of planters. Some are simple planters, while others contain water bowls to elevate the look. Most of them are made with concrete, copper and steel to ensure durability. 


2.      Torches 

Each torch is crafted by hand from premium quality stainless steel. Both natural gas and liquid propane may be used with them without any problems. Match ignition may be used as the source of ignition for all models. The abundance of design possibilities will undoubtedly make you feel overwhelmed, but the quality will leave you speechless. 


3.      Fire Towers

Any garden or outdoor area may be transformed into something really special with the addition of the one-of-a-kind Fire Tower collection. These products are easily portable and take up a minimal amount of floor space while they are in use. Combine them to make a magnificent entryway.


Types of Materials and Colors

Download this PDF to check all kinds of materials and colors from The Outdoor Plus products.



The Outdoor Plus is a one-stop-shop for your outdoor design needs. From fire bowls, planters, fire pits, torches, to grills, they have it all sorted for you. Now that you know more about the USA Made brand and their products, you can search for the things you need for you outdoor space to make it stylish and much more desirable.

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