Collection: Electric Grills

An electric grilling equipment provides a consistent heat source. There is no need for additional fuel, such as gas or charcoal, because there is no flame to ignite. When it comes to cooking food on an electric grill, there are two basic styles: the open grill (which appears like an outdoor barbecue but only has one grate) and the contact grill (which uses two heated plates to press food against).

A electric grill that uses an electric element to keep the heat going all the time. Another kind of electric grill has a solid grill grate with deep grooves where fat and juices can collect. The grate is slightly angled so that the drips from the grooves will flow into a drip pan. On top of the heating element is this solid grate. The most healthy way to cook outside is on an electric grill. Because they use an electric heating element instead of an open flame, electric grills and griddles tend to make less smoke than gas or charcoal grills. Electric grills can start fires if you use an extension cord that isn't meant to be used outside.