Collection: Mirrors

Mirrors are essential to your home. We have many types to choose from, such as round or square mirrors. Our mirrors are clean and bright, and the edges are smooth. Our glass is scratch-resistant, so you don't have to worry about any glare or reflection issues. Find the perfect mirror on Idy Furniture for your interior space with a variety of shapes and sizes available in multiple finishes. Mirrors can create a beautiful design feature in any room, whether it's a bathroom or kitchen. Our range of mirrors will ensure your home looks stylish and inviting.

We have many types of mirrors and they are sure to fit your style. All of the mirrors are different shapes, sizes and colors. Please check out the photos below to see the various items we have available. The addition of mirrors is a favorite way to add elegance and enhance the beauty of a space. Mirrors can be used throughout your home—in entryways and bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. There are so many ways to incorporate them into your decorating style, from small oval mirrors to floor-standing floor length mirrors.

Mirrors, like lighting, is a quick and easy way to add some elegance to your home. They can brighten up a room by reflecting light and make it feel more open. Whether you’re using them for practical purposes, such as seeing what you look like as you get ready in the morning, or creating a feature wall by placing them on the side of your room, it’s impossible not to love them when they’re in the right spot.

Mirrors all shapes and sizes. From decorative mirrors to functional mirrors. You can find small circular mirrors and large square mirrors with a variety of finishes including gold, silver and black. All surfaces are glare resistant to provide clear, bright images. Our mirrors are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit any room.