Collection: Microwaves & Ovens

Microwave and Ovens, or also as Electronic Ovens, are appliances that use microwaves to cook foods. A Microwave Oven is a compact, box-like oven that raises the temperature of food by exposing it to a high-frequency electromagnetic field, which is generated by the microwaves.

Microwave or ovens are a type of electromagnetic radiation that is comparable to radio waves, to cook food. Microwaves can be utilised in the kitchen because of three characteristics: metal reflects them, glass, paper, plastic, and similar materials transmit them, and food absorbs them. When it comes to the kitchen, a microwave oven is a multipurpose powerhouse. This method of cooking is referred to as "microwaving." In contrast, the air within an oven is heated by a heating element, which in turn cooks the food. Food can be reheated in a microwave oven without losing its nutritional value or becoming soggy. Reheating meals in a microwave oven is simple and convenient.