Collection: Rangetops

With the knobs and buttons on the front of the rangetop, you can control the appliance's functions. In general, it takes up a bit more space than a regular flat cooktop. Before installing the slide-in rangetop, remove a portion of the countertop to make room.

A rangetop is a unit that slides into countertops and is surrounded on both sides by countertops. The control knobs are on the front of the appliance, just like on a stove. They have more power and better heating options that let you cook quickly and save you time in the kitchen. The best thing about these models is the way the control knobs are set up. With knobs on the front of the appliance, that can easily turn them while cooking and never have to reach over pots and pans to change the temperature of the burners. Rangetops have more space for cooking and can hold big pans.