Here is all you'll need for your living room! You can discover all the products types from the coffee tables to the tv stands going through the sofas (loveseats, standard, sectionals). If you don't find some items, check on the other categories closely related to the living room such as décor & organization or dining and kitchen to find dining chairs, tables and indoor dining sets.

How to choose the best furniture for my living room?

With all the many different styles, colors and tastes you can dress your living room with, be cautious to choose each piece of furniture in a main general idea.

When purchasing lounge fixtures or movables for your living space, the key is planning it as a whole. But don't be too robotic, let yourself be inspired as you shop each furniture pieces, just keep in mind that you are creating the bigger picture, the whole room or we should say the whole house, and you want to steer it into a iconic and unique feeling.

If you need guidance on your choices or look up an information on Idy products feel free to contact one of our specialist or customer service representative.

Why is it called living room?

Also called alternatively lounge or sitting room in British English, lounge room in Australian English or from times to times the family room, and even front room.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Edward William Bok, editor of the Ladies' Home Journal, recommend using the denomination: living room instead of parlor or drawing room, living is more associated with relaxing and was adopted broadly because of the more pleasant and modern turn of phrase. Also the adjective living was the perfect match word for the purpose and use made all areas of the world by this kind of room.

Why is the living room important?

The living room is the "heart" of the house without a doubt, the reflection of the design you want to give to your entire house. From Versailles and the King Louis XV style of living room until the nowadays commonly mid-century modern style, the living is widespread and the essential room in each and every house. This is the comfortable room where everyone gathers and spend pleasant times together especially with the surge of television in the previous decades. Even some families have crucial family reunion in the living room!