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Walk-In Bathtub - Get a Free Quote

Walk-In Bathtub - Get a Free Quote

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BOCA is the best manufacturer for Custom Walk-In Tubs. Manufactured in Woodstock Georgia Boca's tubs are specific to all your needs, with different sizes and a large range of options possible. Boca uses the upper marine grade gel coat and fiberglass. Offering a lifetime warranty on all parts and components, so you’re covered for life!

Standard Features

Boca's safe, walk-in tubs come standard with the lowest threshold available on the market, along with a wide array of additional safety features. We provide all industry-standard features and options available in the market today and several upgrade features that make us stand apart. Learn more below.


Micro Therapy

Wellness Bathing for Healthy Living The all-natural, breakthrough hydrotherapy that will exfoliate, hydrate, and moisturize your skin, gently and quietly, while you relax in continuously warming water and total luxury.

Relaxation… With Incredible Benefits

Boca’s MICRO THERAPY utilizes nothing more than oxygen and water as millions of microscopic bubbles are produced with each use. These bubbles are small enough to enter skin pores, cleaning and exfoliating with no need for soap or scrubbing by you.


Billions of Tiny, Oxygen-Rich Bubbles The bubbles created by the MICRO THERAPY system also contain 50 percent more oxygen than a normal water bubble. By enveloping your entire body in oxygen-rich bubbles, MICRO THERAPY is also able to moisturize and hydrate the skin more effectively than simply soaking in water.


Therapeutic Options & SPA Features

There are several types of therapy options and each provides different therapeutic advantages. Consider how often you will be using your tub and what health benefits you would like to see as a result. BOCA Walk-In Tubs can be customized by selecting your therapy options.

  • Spa Like Features - Injuries, illness, stress, or everyday aches and pain can make even the simplest of tasks feel exhausting. A Boca walk-in tub offers relief of these conditions.
  • Air Jets - Air massage therapy is a wonderful way to calm and liberate your body of everyday stress and tensions in a very healthy way.
  • Whirlpool Jets - Whirlpool massage therapy offers quick relief for sore muscles but can also relieve joint pain and improve blood circulation.
  • Air/ whirlpool Duo Option - If you cannot choose between the whirlpool and the air tub, then a combination of the two may be what you are looking for.
  • Chromotherapy - Chromatherapy therapy uses colors to promote harmony and natural well-being.
  • Aromatherapy - The role of aromatherapy is to stimulate and reinforce Boca's body’s natural defenses by inducing a state of relaxation and general well-being


Safety Features

  • Slip resistant-flooring and seating
  • ADA Compliant Seat
  • ADA Grab bars
  • Lowest threshold step in the industry
  • Leak-proof locking door
  • Overflow drain
  • Anti-scald technology with thermostatic control faucets
  • Quick-release drain


Tub Sizes

We provide a variety of walk-in tub sizes to fit any bathroom regardless of your therapy needs or design limitations. Since every tub is custom-made to order, if your bathroom layout doesn’t work with one of Boca's standard size options, Boca's fabricators will personally work with you to create the layout that meets your needs.

Size Name Description Size
Petite Narrow

Recommended height is 6’2” or shorter. Recommended weight is 210 lbs. or less. Works well with a water heater that holds at least 40 gallons. 


26” Wide x 51” Long x 36” Tall

Petite Short

Recommended height is 6’0’ or shorter and recommended weight is 280 lbs. or less. Works well with a water heater that holds at least 40 gallons. 

30” Wide x 47” Long x 36” Tall


Recommended height is 6’2 or shorter and weight is 280 lbs. or less. Works well with a water heater that holds at least 40 gallons. 

30” Wide x 51” Long x 36” Tall
Wide Recommended weight is 450 lbs. or less. Recommended height is 6’4” or shorter. Tankless or 80-gallon water heater is suggested. 32” Wide x 56” Long x 36” Tall
Deep Soaker Recommended weight is 320 lbs. or less. Tankless or 80-gallon water heater is suggested. 30” Wide x 51” Long x 40” Tall
Two-Seater One of the only two-seat walk-in tubs on the market! Features two seats facing each other with separate controls for individual comfort and therapy. Tub can be used solo as well. Tankless or 80-gallon water heater is suggested.

32” Wide x 62” Long x 36”

Wide / Deep Recommended weight is 450 lbs. or less. Recommended height is 6’6” or shorter. Tankless or 80-gallon water heater is suggested. 32” Wide x 56” Long x 40”

Additional Features and Upgrades

We offer a selection of additional features to create the ultimate bathing experience. Pick from a variety of features to design a walk-in tub that provides a safe and therapeutic experience in the comfort of your home. Learn more below.




Use Care Guide

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Made In USA_ 90% 

Shipping Quote

Shipping is mostly between 2 to 10 business days for most of our products within the contiguous United States. Please contact us to have a shipping quote for your location.
Some products might include a shipping cost and some may take a longer time to reach you. Please contact us before ordering to check if the item is in stock and so we can give you a custom quote and an Estimated Time of Arrival.

If we foresee potential delays beyond this shipping window, we will reach out to you directly to inform you. If for some reason you have not received your shipment within a reasonable timeframe or have not heard from us, feel free to reach out at or give us a call at (689) 219-5486 and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. Orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii will incur freight charges and the shipping fees for those deliveries are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping charges are calculated after the order is submitted, so your order will be placed on hold until we can reach you by phone to confirm pricing.

Shipping for Canada is possible please contact us so we can give you a custom delivery price at

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